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<small>< [[Supernova User Guide]] < Accounting </small>
<small>< [[Supernova User Guide]] < Accounting </small>

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< Supernova User Guide < Accounting

The accounting data for DECI users at WCSS are available via DART system:

To get access to DART as a user you need your personal grid certificate to be installed in your browser (the same certificate which was registered for your PRACE account). If you are the Principal Investigator of the project, you will be able to check the whole project data (for all project participants).

To check the CPU hours used by you and your project do the following:

  • on the left select the radio button "User" and select on the right list your username (if you are PI you may select "Project" and the project acronym on the list),
  • put the dates for the period of time for which you want to get accounting data (if different than default last month),
  • and click "Report".

An example report for the user:

                              PRACE Usage Report
                                 Site: WCSS
                Startdate : 2014-01-01, Enddate : 2014-01-31

Machine	Project	User	Nr Jobs	 JobTime[s]	CpuDuration[s]
Supernova	PRO1	user1	236	 615176080	605852518

The reported CPU time is in seconds and refer to Supernova core hours. To calculate PRACE standard hours, which are awarded to your project, you need to multiply them by a factor 2.7.

For the above example:

PRACE Standard Core-hours [s] = CpuDuration[s] * 2.7 = 1 635 801 798.6

DART database is updated every day at 4:00 CET.

Feel free to contact us in case of any problems with accessing or using the tool.

< Supernova User Guide < Accounting