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<small>< [[Supernova User Guide]] < Modules </small>
<small>< [[Supernova User Guide]] < Modules </small>

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< Supernova User Guide < Modules

Like all PRACE Tier-1 and Tier-0 sites we have implemented modules for applications and libraries frequently used by PRACE users. To load this set of modules just type in on command line or in you script:

 module load prace

To list loaded modules run:

 module list 

There is no obligation to load the prace module, and we recommend to check if you need the variables set and libraries loaded by this module. If not, loading it is not recommended as it may cause some conflicts with other specific modules you will try to load.

Short and full module descriptions are available after executing commands:

 module whatis module_name
 module help module_name

To see all modules installed:

 module avail

A few examples of installed applications are listed in software article.

Some paths and variables are set before loading any modules. Please check output of:


Additional documentation could be accesed by running:

 module -H

< Supernova User Guide < Modules