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Molekel is an open-source multi-platform molecular visualization program. Some of the features available in the new version are: Programmable shaders; standard shaders to enhance rendering quality, outline contours and perform sketch-like renderings are provided Visualization of residues (ribbon or schematic) Complete control over the generation of molecular surfaces (bounding box and resolution) Visualization of the following surfaces:

   Iso-surface from density matrix
   Iso-surface from Gaussian cube grid data
   Van der Waals 

Animation of molecular surfaces Animation of vibrational modes Export high resolution images for 300+ DPI printing Export to PostScript and PDF Export animation Plane widget to visualize a scalar field: the plane can be freely moved in 3d space and the points on the plane surface will be colored according to the value of the scalar field: a cursor can be moved on the plane surface to show the exact value of the field at a specific point in space. Fully Doxygen-commented source code.