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PBS Queues - Supernova Cluster runs under PBSPro resource manager. Users needs to submit a computing job to a queue.

To display the available queues and their basic configurations login to the access node and run a command:

> qstat -q

More detailed information about a specific que may be displayed by running a command:

> qstat -Qf queue_name

The basic queues available for users are as follows:

  • available for all HPC users:
    • short6h, short48h, short7d, normal, infinity
  • available for HPC users, after granting access by admins:
    • bigmem, hadoop,
  • available only for users of PL-Grid infrastructure:
    • plgrid, plgrid-long, plgrid-testing
  • available only for users of PRACE Infrastrucuture (DECI grants)
    • prace, prace-int, prace-testing, prace-be
  • available only for users of EGI infrastructure:
    • atlas, alice, biomed, lhcb