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  • BigDFT (GPU support, PRACE)
  • CP2K (PRACE)
  • Crystal
  • Amber
  • Firefly (problem z linkowaniem)
  • DALI [1]
  • Mayavi [2]
  • Rosetta[3]
  • pymol [4] (Molecular Graphics System PyMOL is a molecular graphics system targetted at medium to large biomolecules like proteins. It can generate high-quality publication-ready molecular graphics images and animations. Features include: * Visualization of molecules, molecular trajectories and surfaces of crystallography data or orbitals * Molecular builder and sculptor * Internal raytracer and movie generator * Fully extensible and scriptable via a Python interface. File formats PyMOL can read include PDB, XYZ, CIF, MDL Molfile, ChemDraw, CCP4 maps, XPLOR maps and Gaussian cube maps.)
  • Lumerical FDTD [5]

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